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Home Course Human Health And Diseases : Health
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Human Health And Diseases( Health )
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HUMAN DISEASE AND HEALTH The human body is an amazing machine. Has the ability to repair itself, to fight off attacking microorganisms and adapt to a variety of situations.

Often time microorganisms enter the body and attempt to infect the body causing a disease.
A disease is a condition where an organism experiences impaired function often with detrimental symptoms.
A symptom is a response of the body to a disease and often is an indicator used to diagnose the type of disease.

Several factors like genetics, age, or nutrition can lead to disease in humans.


Microorganisms or any other organisms that causes disease are often called pathogens.

A pathogen is a specific microorganism that causes a specific disease.

Communicable or infectious diseases are often transmitted by pathogens.
Communicable diseases are diseases that can easily be spread from one person to another through contact and proximity.
Communicable disease can spread through the air, water or soil or animal intermediates.

A pathogen can be a bacteria, virus, protist, or fungi.

Viruses are still considered pathogens even through they are not technically microorganisms.

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